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Much as it did at the palace, the sun began to rise as light sweapt slowly across all of Canterlot. Living among the mountains, it took a bit longer than usual for the sun to shine upon the small town sometimes, while other times the glorious city was the first among the many lands to touch sunlight. With the morning coming, many of the townsfolk began to wake up for the day, just around the same time the Queen herself was waking up her daughter.

Despite the setting of over thousands of years old, much of the city retained the same look as it did in the present. While the buildings may not have been as large as they were within the current timestream, save for the castle which was as glorious as the present's, it still retained it's clean and beautiful structures. Being in the time of old, Canterlot was currently the only full-city-structured place in all of Equestria. While some areas within Equestria had small towns and villages, none of them were as populated, or large, as Canterlot itself. And much like it will be thousands of years from now, the city was still filled with fancy-clothed ponies, who took a pony's appearance or family's history quite seriously. As such, ponies like these were heavily fond of the current King, Queen, and Princess of Equestria, while shunning or looking down upon anypony else of a lesser origin. The only times they even interacted with any such pony was either for Business purposes, or if said pony had any sort of fame for whatever reason. Otherwise, nopony was barely allowed to even venture into the glorious city.

And yet, that didn't stop the mysterious, small cloaked figure who ventured towards the city gates. The figure itself was cloaked in a small grey cloak with a hood that covered a majority of it's face, save for part if it's black snout and mouth. The only other noticeable piece of this figure were the small black legs Yet the figure itself was no big possibly Celestia herself! In fact, upon closer inspection, the figure appeared to be even a few inches shorter than the young Princess, though, they would be having to stand side by side in order to tell. Which either indicated that one, it was an even younger pony that came Celestia herself, or two, it was just a really small pony. The earlier seeming more likely.

For whatever reason said small pony was coming to Canterlot for, it should consider itself blessed at the moment, because there was a Caravan going through the front gates to deliver food to the city's markets. With this event happening, the small pony easily managed to sneak under the large cart as it was crossing through the gate. The pony was very lucky about this event due to the guards that always watched the front gate, and even more lucky that the guards didn't check the Caravan on a regular basis either. The last thing the small pony wanted was for anyone to get a good look at what they really were. Otherwise, there would be a number of problems, and not just from the guards either.

As the Caravan continued to press on through the market, the small pony looked around the streets. As expected, the streets were already filled with numerous ponies who were either talking business or just about life in general. Even younger ponies around an older childs' age were dressed fancy, or at least presentable. The pony was so distracted by these citizens that they didn't even notice as the Caravan stopped a few seconds ago, running along passed it a few yards before they realized they were in plain view. It was a miracle to them that they weren't spotted by any pony yet, who took the oppertunity to run towards the closest alley as they hid.

The small pony panted a bit heavily, not just from the running itself, but a large mix of previous exhaustion and hunger. Their stomach growled loudly, reminding them already of why they were here. Checking one last time to make sure the coast was clear, the small pony quickly made a dash towards the nearby garbage can, quickly hiding in cover as a seemingly wealthy couple passed by. Fortunately again, the couple hadn't noticed the small pony by the time she was in cover, much more to her relief. Scanning around again, her eyes caught sight of one of the variety of things she came looking for: bright and red shiney apples just sitting in a display basket.

Unfortunately, the only thing standing between her and said delicious looking apples were the shopkeeper of the store, who was currently in the middle of talking to two customers in front of the basket on the other side. Both customers' had a grey-colored coating and fancy suit for their gender, while the stallion had a brown smooth mane, and the mare an orangish puffed up mane. As for the shopkeeper, she was an almost golden coated mare with a blonde flat mane. She looked just about the same size as the other mare, but both of whom were slightly shorter than the stallion. The small pony moaned to herself as she stealthly moved closer to it, trying to think of a plan to get one of the apples along the way.

"Ah, Appledeen, how goes the business?" The Stallion of the two customer's greeted, tipping his black top hat. The shopkeep breathed light on one of the apples he was holding before wiping it smoothly, giving it a small shine.

"W'ah hello there, McHasten!" The Shopkeeper replied, having a mild southern accent. "What can Ah do 'ya for today?"

"The Mrs. and I would like your finest Apple Pie today." McHasten replied as he gestured his left hoof towards his wife. "We're going to one of our festivities this afternoon, but with all of our other festivities the previous days, we haven't had the time to make something ourselves for this one!"

"We we're hoping you might have one of your famous Apple Pies on supply." The wife added. Appledeen rubbed her chin as she thought to herself.

"Hmmm, well as luck would 'ave it, Ah'm afraid we're out at the moment, but Ah actually got one cooking in the oven r'aght now. It'll taste m'aghty purtty with it freshly baked." Appledeen replied.

"Don't you have any available now?" McHasten's wife asked, raising her right brow.

"Ah'm sorry Gingercream," Appledeen apologized with a sigh, "but livin' up 'ere on the mountain tops, it takes awhile to get some new crops to start growin' after the winter ends. And Ah always got to have a steady supply of apples left hoof-dy before Ah can start bakin'. Otherwise Ah'd be in the middle of a shortage, an' that won't be good for business." She explained. McHasten simply smiled again as he set his hat back on his head.

"Well as long as ones cooking, there'll be no trouble at all." McHasten stated, much to Appledeen's relief.

"Well golly, thanks for bein' the patient bunch 'round here. Most ponies these days have no sense of manners. B'ah the way, is that a new tux?" Appledeen asked curiously, which McHasten smiled to.

"Why yes, I actually got this-" McHasten continued his conversation.

Meanwhile, the small cloaked figure from earlier quickly sneaked under the wooden basket while the other three were occupied. Getting to the apples here were the easy part, the hard part now was trying to find a way to get one of the apples without the others noticing. Looking around, the only noticable thing on her surroundings were the basket legs keeping the basket up and the legs from the currently conversing ponies. Not seeing any other option in the matter, and with a tiny gulp, the small pony lowered her head towards the front left wooden leg, revealing a black, strangely bent, horn on her forehead as well as a strange light blue mane. With a small grunt to herself as she concentrated, the small pony's horn suddenly gave off a small black spark at the tip of it as the wooden leg suddenly desintigrated. With one of the supports busted, and a tiny tap from under the basket, the entire structure began to wobble before suddenly falling forward, startling the three ponies, and causing almost all the apples to come tumbling out onto the road.

"Ah!" The mare meeped quickly as she jumped back a bit.

"Oh my..." McHasten muttered tapping his chin. Appledeen's eyes suddenly widened at the sight.

"Mah Apples!" She yelled worriedly. An oncoming taxi pony was suddenly startled as he came to a quick halt, causing the current passengers to jump forward a bit, but not enough to fall out of their seats. Many of the other ponies around the road quickly looked towards the road soon after, wondering what all the commotion was about. At the same time, with everypony seemingly distracted, the small cloaked pony used this oppertunity to pick up one of the apples closet to the basket with it's teeth. Luckily it managed to duck it's head behind the basket before any pony noticed it.

Sadly, it's luck finally began to catch up with them. As the small pony attempted to flee the scene before anypony else showed up, it's escape was suddenly halted as she was stuck in place. Looking around in confusion, it's attention looked back in worry as it saw it's cape was caught under one of the basket's other legs, pinning it to the ground. The small pony whined worriedly as it tried pulling itself from the basket's leg, more worried about any pony noticing them rather than the fact the cape's string attachment began to loosen up. With another, harder, tug, the small pony finally managed to pull itself away, but ended up causing themself to pull off the cape, tumbling forward as they fell. If that wasn't enough, the situation only worsened as the basket rumbled a bit from the pull, catching the attention of the lovely couple and Appledeen.

"Dear Majesty!" Gingercream yelped in terror, dramatically fainting as she fell backwards.

"What in the Queen's name is that THING?!" McHasten blurted out, attaching a monucole from his Tuxedo's right pocket.

"Oh no..." Appledeen whispered to herself, apparently having some familiarity with the small filly in front of them.

Sitting terrified in front of them was possibly the most grotesque looking thing, at least to a majority of Canterlot's pony populace. In front of them was a pony much like everypony else, but at the same time, completely different than everypony else. By appearance alone, it appeared to be a small little girl given that look in her Emerald-colored eyes. While her ears were much like everypony elses', they were deffinitely longer than the average pony by a few inches, and had had a black coating to her overall appearance. The only other color presentable about her was the green seaweed-looking wrapping that was all around her stomache, and the blue colored mane, tail, and bug-like wings she also had.

The only thing that disgusted everypony more with her appearance aside from these factors were the holes in her. It was no joke. The small filly had holes along the ends of her legs, as well as strangely shaped holes through her mane, tail, and in the middle of her wings. And these weren't just deep holes. These were holes that you could see through to the other side, like a tunnel. As to how anypony could have holes like this young filly was oblivious to anypony, but within the Canterlot society, the only thing they cared about were appearance and history, and unfortunately for the small filly, she not only lacked either, she had negative points in both categories. At this point, everypony along the street had seen her, and not one of them went by without knowing who she was.

"Is that thing what I think it is?" Another mare questioned in disgust.

"What is it even doing back in this town?" The stallion next to her asked.

"Dear mercy, I hope they burn that apple she's holding. At least that should be put out of it's misery." Another commented.

"Ewww, it's the black bug Chrysalis!" A nearby group of kids joked purposely.

The small filly looked around in fear as she teared up slightly. As they had said, the filly's name was indefinitely Chrysalis. It was unknown exactly how her name came to be known, but it was actually her name in in reality. Her last name was still a mystery to everypony, but with all the ponies being upper class, they dubbed her the "Black Bug". The nickname was created out of a number of different reasons. Some dubbed her it for how her wings looked like bug wings, others named her it due to how she looked like a dirty bug that manages to sneak around like a roach. Others simply called her it to be mean. Yet even in a high modern-class society, there were rarely anypony in town that were sympathetic towards the young alicorn-copycat, and one of her were towering over her as we speak.

Appledeen gave a somewhat angry glare at her as she lumbered in hieght. The small filly sniffled a bit before she gently lowered the apple back to the ground, then nudged it forward with her nose as it rolled a few inches closer to Appledeen before stepping back a foot away sniffling. Her face was already streaming with tears at this point. Appledeen continued to glare as she watched the apple rolled towards her right hoof. Once it finally reached her, she looked back at the other ponies on the opposite side of the street with her angry look, just to show them that she was supportive on their side. But once everypony saw her expression she looked back to Chrysalis with a worried expression instead of what the other ponies assumed to be a continued glare.

"How dare y'all come to mah shop and try an' steal one of mah apples!" She shouted angrily for everypony to hear, quickly lowering her head again closer to her. "Girl, what are you doing here?!" Appledeen whispered quietly before raising her head again. The small filly sniffled again as she wiped her tears.

"I-I'm sorwie..." The very young pony lisped. Appledeen shifted her eyes to the side briefly at the crowd before looking back.

"Ah can't b'ahlieve some dirty varmit l'ake you would come to our town and be nuttin' but a rotten theif!" She shouted loudly again, pointing her left hoof firmly in front of her face, just a few inches from her nose. This somewhat threatening manner was enough to make the small filly hiccup and whimper louder. The other ponies smiled as she whispered amongst themselves about Appledeen doing the "right thing". But while they were distracted, Appledeen quickly wiped the left side of her face of the tears just briefly. Making sure the coast was clear again, she quickly lowered her head down towards the filly again as she whispered, "What did Ah say about comin' 'round these parts? Get outta here before somepony else causes real trouble!" She warned.

Her attentiion suddenly shifted as she heard a blatant cough. Shifting her eyes back around, she noticed how all the other ponies were looking at her with curious and confused expressions. She sighed mentally to herself at this. She didn't like being "mean", even if it just meant pretending to be mean to her.  But the last thing she wanted was to be considered an outcast like her too. Don't get her wrong, she wouldn't even be part of the "niegh-sayers" if it just meant she would be looked down upon. But if she was caught associating with an outcast like her, not only would she be considered an outcast, but everypony within her family tree would also be looked down upon, and there was no way she was going to have her whole family be punished just because of her. She gave a somewhat apologetic look to the small filly before she raised her head again.

"AND DON'T LET ME CATCH Y'ALL 'ROUND HERE EVER AGAIN!" She shouted angrily. The small filly burst into more tears at this as she finally turned around to run away.

"Hey!" A voice from above yelled. Much to Appledeen's worry, it was one of the Royal Pegasi guards. "What's with all the commotion?" He asked out loud as he flew to the ground.

"Sir, stop that repulsive young creature. She's a theif!" McHasten demanded as he pointed to the running-away filly. Appledeen mumbled to herself annoyed from McHasten's comment.

"Show y'all repulsive ya little..." She mumbled silently before looking back. As instructed, the Pegasus guard began running in the same direction the little filly was going. It would've been too much of a scene for a Guard to be chasing a little filly by air, but he was not above letting a lawbreaker go, no matter how old. As he was about to reach passed Appledeen, she couldn't help as her right back hoof "accidentally" stood in the way of the oncoming Pegasus, tripping him face down to the ground.


"Ow!" He yelped, rubbing his snout. Before he could pull himself up, he was suddenly pinned down again as Appledeen, once again, "accidentally" stepped onto his left wing.

"Oh mah! Ah'm so sorry, Ah just didn't see you there!" She apologized innocently. The guard grunted somewhat as he looked back to her.

"It's no problem mam, but would ya mind getting off me!" He yelled.

"Sure sure, Ah just got a few questions to ask ya. Like umm...Oh! One, why's the sky blue?" She asked, trying to stall for time for the small filly's sake.

Unfortunately, almost nopony else held the same sympathy Appledeen did, or if they did, they never even tried to show. The small mysterious alicorn whimpered to herself as she continued rushing down the sidewalks of the town as fast as her little legs could carry her. But it didn't help passing nearby pony crowds as she tried to run away. All of them scoffed at her as she passed them, disgusted by her looks and even mere appearance. It didn't matter to them that she was as young as she appeared to be. In an over-the-top High-classed society, the only thing these ponies associated with was business and history. And if you didn't have one or the other, you were a nopony.

For a nopony trying to run through a town like this, it was like being a small catterpillar while running through a town filled with spiders. Only instead of sucking out your blood, they'd suck out your joy and self-respect. Sadly, that term of phrase actually worked around the "Black-Bug-Chrysalis", and actually worked for a majority of the townsfolk being the spiders. And like a town infested with spiders, chances are, eventually you'll run into the big hairy Tarantulas, which is exactly what Chrysalis bumped into when she fell back. But these weren't any type of big buffed ponies as you might be thinking. These were three older children with an even more rotten attitude.

The shortest of the three, while still being twice the young Chrysalis' size, was a brown chestnut pony with a brown mane and tail. Based off his looks and that "superiority"-look in his yellow eyes, it was no surprise he had a Cutiemark of a hoof flexing on his backside. The second of these three was a Pegasus, only about an inch and a half taller than the brown one. Like the first one, his overall color was grey with a darker tinted grey mane and wings. For whatever disturbing reason, he had a strange picture of a Tornado for his Cutiemark, and having almost pitch black-colored eyes made his look even more creepy. The last of the three was an orange Unicorn, and the largest of the group by about three inches higher than the brown one. He appeared to be the leader of the gang given his look. With the red eyes around his pupils, for somepony like him to look down at anypony would've made anypony shrivel up.

To put all worries and fears even higher, all of them "knew" Chrysalis much more than anypony else in town, save for Appledeen and a few others. And to double the amount of fear now, nopony else was around, which also meant no witnesses.

"Well well well, what do we have here boys...?" The Orange one led on as he slowly crept towards Chrysalis with the rest. Chrysalis whimpered in fear as she backed away, having an..."unwanted" history with them before.

"It's a bug!" The Grey one answered.

"No, it's a freak!" The Brown guessed.

"Ha! You're both right! It's wittle Chrissy again. How's it been freaky?" The Orange one replied with a teethy grin.

"Mmmhhm..." The young Chrysalis whimpered with a sniffle.

"Oh, what's that? I can't hearrr youuuu!" The Orange Unicorn commented, gesturing towards his left ear.

"W-Weave m-me a-alohne...O-Or e'se..." She mumbled.

"Or else what? Are you gonna "cwyyyyy" on us?" The Grey one tesaed.

"No, I bet she's gonna give us her "fashion statement"." The brown one stated.

"Ooooh, please! Do anything but THAT!" The Orange one begged before they all burst into laughter.

"Mhh!" Chrysalis grunted as she finally snapped. Using everything she had, she headbutted the Orange Pony's front left hoof. The trio went silent at this as they all became confused, looking back at each other as Chrysalis kept her head against the leg. To any average sized pony, this probably would've done more actual damage if it was another pony closer in age and hieght. But for a three-and-a-half year old filly to headbutt anypony his size, the most she could even reach were his kneecaps, and even then, the orange Unicorn felt nothing more than a simple tap against his legs. After another few seconds the small black alicorn opened her eyes again as she looked up. She let out a nervous gulp as she backed away again.

"S-S-Sorwie..." She meeped again. The Orange unicorn raised a questionable brow before he grinned.

"Ohhh, ow! Ohhh the paaaain!!!" He dramatized, falling backwards as he held his front left leg. The other two raised their brows confused at this, but a simple wink from the unicorn was all they needed to get the joke. "Ohhh, my little leeeeg! She hit me soooo haaaard!!!" He went on. If the young pony was old enough to understand sarcasm, she wouldnt be whimpering in twice as much worry like she was now, not only from her own fear, but now worried she actually did hurt somepony else.

"My gosh dude, look how badly she damaged it!" The Grey one played along.

"Are you gonna be ok man? I think you should go to a hospital after she attacked you!" The Brown one added as well.

"Hey, she did attack me, didn't she?" He asked with a smirk. "By law, that means I can use self-defense for my own sake, doesn't it?"

"Yeah!" The other two yelped in Unison, much to the small ponies fear as her eyes widened.

"Uh-oh..." She meeped.

"Get her!" The Grey one shouted. Chrysalis didn't need any other hint to begin running away. The orange one burst into laughter for a few more seconds before jumping back to his hooves. All at once the three of them took chase of the small alicorn, planning massive payback for past mistakes...


Getting back on track with the earlier family, the setting brought us just outside the Canterlot palace as the King and Queen's royal chariot finally arrived in front of the Flower shop. It was no surprise that Pegasi guards flew the chariot, and even less surprising that there were four guards in total escorting the Queen and young Princess, standing their post of two on each side like they were trainned to. The Queen smiled back to her daughter as she picked her up between the back of her neck with her teeth, gently lifting her off her back and onto the ground in front of her.

The Flower Shop was one of Celestia's favorite places in all of Canterlot. It wasn't so much for it's floral decoration or pretty flowers that appeased her. A majority of the love she had for said place was that it was one of the only places she was allowed to visit outside of the palace. Aside from being young, being a Princess meant that while she was royalty, there would be a few dangerous ponys who wouldn't mind getting their hooves on somepony like her for money. And being a loving and caring mother, the Queen didn't want Celestia anywhere outside her sights whenever she was outside the palace.

The two casually walked to the door of the Floral housing while attracting much attention. The store made quite a bit more business than most businesses in Canterlot. It was no surprise that a majority of the reasoning being that the Queen and Celestia visited the store every few months, and any place visited upon by royalty obviously boomed with much more customers. And considering the store was just a few blocks away from the attraction of the grand Castle itself, many ponies visited it along the way. As the duo finally approached the entrance, the front door opened as they were greeted by a yellow mare with bushy brown hair-


"Horray for Rhyming!"

"Pinkie Pie, I swear to Celestia!-"


- and a red Apron. The features really managed to bring out the blue coloring in her eyes.

"Ah, if it isn't my most Royal and best customers in all of Canterlot!" The flourist greeted gracefully as she bowed. "To what do I owe this honor?" She asked politely.

"GOOD DAY TO YOU MS. ROOTS! MY DAUGHTER AND I ARE LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE PLANT FOR HER FRIEND'S GARDEN PARTY! COULD YOU PLEASE ASSIST US?" The Queen replied in an almost roaring accent. Celestia found herself quite fortunate to expect this. Otherwise, she wouldn't have covered her ears in time and possibly have gone deaf for a brief time. Ms. Rose looked up into space as she thought about the request.

"Hmm...for a Garden party..." She paused briefly as she let out a small gasp. "Huh, I think I know the perfect plant you're looking for! Come on in!" Ms. Rose stated as she greeted them inside.

The inside of it was the secondary reason behind Celestia's love for this place. The garden house was absolutely beautiful. Whether from across the sea or from places unknown, Ms. Rose's Garden shop was known for housing almost every known species of flora from all across Equestria. At first like any business, it was a simple small flower shop with the few basic flowers here and there, and business in general was very slow. Compared to it now, there were almost no customers back then. Ms. Rose herself was even worried that her business would eventually be taken over by other coporations who were simply looking for "Office Space", as some would call it.

But one day, the Queen stopped by for a visit as she noticed how peaceful and quiet the shop seemed. It wasn't just her presents' that inspired customers to drop by, but also an apparently newborn Celestia at the time. The Queen had hoped to rest around here while trying to calm down her crying newborn, but struggled to find any place to calm her down without other ponies swarming her. Fortunately for her, however, Ms. Rose had a few experiences with newborn foals, save for none of them ever being an alicorn before. Nevertheless, Ms. Rose presented the crying Celestia at the time with a shining blue flower with a golden rose. Taking a small sniff of the flower, the sobbing infant quickly burst into a fit of giggles, much to the Queen's relief.

Soon after, the Queen began a conversation with Ms. Rose, quickly becoming a good friend with the Majesty. Not only did the Queen officially change the name of the blue flower to the Tearstopper via by law, much to the origional discoverer's dissopointment, but she began talking around town, and with her other friends, about how much she enjoyed herself at said flowershop. In addition to this, the Queen made it official that she would visit the small shop regularly, which instantly caused business with customers to boom. Ms. Rose has been grateful ever since, because after that one visit, she was getting mountains (quite litterally in the case of Canterlot) of customers visiting her often.

Getting back with the current crew, Ms. Rose opened up a door in the far back of the store while numerous customers admired simply watching the Queen and young Princess stroll through the building. They felt blessed simply being in the same building as the Queen and Princess herself, rarely ever seeing the two out in public. Said famous ponies looked around in facination at the scenery, seeing how flora was practically growing along the walls themselves. It was even more interesting for Celestia, because due to never being able to venture outside the Castle unsupervised, seeing all the flowers and exotic plants gathered around made her feel like she was visiting every place in Equestria at once! Ms. Rose's shop was so big, it even housed a variety of different trees, each with it's own Unique look. There was practically nothing to distract Celestia away from this scenery.

"Hey, Shrimp!" A voice suddenly yelled out. Celestia suddenly paused to look back at the shouting as her mother walked passed her, mostly thinking the call was for her.

"Get back here you twerp!" Another voice yelled. To her surprise, and confusion, she saw a strange black alicorn across the road quickly running across the sidewalk as she tried to outrun the three taller ponies that were chasing her. Although it was only for a split second that she saw the foursome ponies run past the view of the open door, she felt it her responsibility as a Princess to help whoever the troubled pony was and quickly galloped as fast as her small legs could run.

And at the same time, Ms. Rose was finally presenting the special flower she had planned specially for Celestia and the Queen. The Queen's eyes perked up a bit in wonder at the sight of the flower, never seeing one such as it before. It looked like a dozen roses put together, but each rose had a different color that shimmered in the cieling bulb's light. The flower looked more like a single boquette of flowers bundled together, but seeing how the stems all origionated from one single stem simply proved it was one flower as a whole.

"THIS PLANT INTRIGUES US! TELL US WHAT PLANT IT IS YOU SHOW BEFORE US?" The Queen requested, looking at the plant more closely as she walked around it.

"I call it a Rainbow Rose Bush, your Highness. It's a very rare type of rose that's very hard to come across. It comes from the thousandth seed of a cycle of one thousand Roses, and it takes three whole years to grow!" Ms. Rose explained.


"Well to be honest, I had to make a lot of personal calls for this one. It required alot of spendy trade routes and looking to find, but after a few months I finally managed to get this shipped to my store. And I couldn't think of a better type of plant to show my appreciation for the two who saved my business long ago." Ms. Rose commented graciously.

"THINK NOTHING OF IT MS. ROSE! THE SUCCESS YOU'VE HAD UP TO NOW WAS FROM ALL YOUR HARD WORK!" The Queen stated. Ms. Rose gave a small bow again before she replied.

"You're too kind your Highness. So do you like it?" She asked curiously.

"IN TRUTH, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ANY WONDEROUS PLANT JUST AS THIS! BUT THIS IS NOT OUR DECISION TO MAKE, IT IS OUR DAUGHTER'S!" The Queen commented before looking to her side. "What do you think sweetie-" The Queen began to ask as she returned to her regular way of speaking. But upon turning around, her eyes suddenly widened as she saw Celestia running through the front door. "Celestia!" She screamed worriedly, trying to run after her. It was around this time that the four guards at the door suddenly saw the young Celestia run passed them under their legs.

"Hey, isn't that the Queen's girl-?" One of the Guard's began to ask curiously.



"Oww..." There was a huge pile up of moaning guardsmen who were suddenly crashed into by a worrisome mother, causing a small dust pile to spread around them as they all collapsed to the ground. There were a few coughs here and there as the five, Queen included, ponies inhaled some of the dust, as well as growing somewhat delerious and dizzy from the impact to all their heads.

"Ooooh..." The Queen moaned, rubbing her side before looking around at the guards beneath her. "Oops, sorry gentlemen." She apologized nervously, standing up soon after to look around for Celestia. Much to her fear, Celestia was nowhere in side, nor was there any indication of which direction she went to.

"That's ok your majesty...we live to serve..." One of the commented raising a wobbly hoof.

"But if we could live longer to serve, that'd be appreciated too..."





"Chrissy's-a-freaky!" The small group of colts laughed, tossing small rocks at the defenseless little changling-alicorn. She was scared enough to tears as it was, being in a new town still surrounded by strangers. The fact she now had bullies throwing small rocks at her, despite her crying, didn't help the situation any bit, as the light brown, white, and orange colt Unicorns continued bullying her. She had a few bruises on her by this point, even a scrape on her head from the constant pickings, but that didn't even seem to matter to the colt trio.

"W-W-Weave me al-lohhnne..." The young Chrysalis cried out. Despite the sobbing and sniffling, it did nothing to convince the small colts to stop.

"Dawwww, she's crying. Or maybe her "freaky-head" is leaking!" The brown one teased.

"We'll leave you alone as you stop being freaky!" The orange one replied, tossing another one that hit her head again.

"Woah, bullseye! Right between her forehead!" The grey one complimented, tossing a rock repeatedly in his hoof. "I wonder if I can get one right through one of those holes in her legs-" He added, pulling back his hoof, ready to chuck it at her. The small changling covered her head terrified, waiting for the inevitable.


"Owww! Let go!" The same colt suddenly yelped. The small Chrysalis opened her eyes as she looked back. To her surprise, there was another alicorn suddenly pinning down the small grey colt who had the rock in his hoof. She appeared to be a small alicorn, possibly the same age as herself even, and had a surprisingly a purplish-pink mane. To only surprise her more, the alicorn also had wings and a horn on her head, much like herself, but completely whole, and to what she believes, "normal".

"Say you're sorry you bullies!" The young alicorn demanded, pulling on his left hoof from behind his back. The brown unicorn quickly shoved the small alicorn off, but ignored her as he grabbed another rock.

"Beat it shrimpy, we're picking on her, not you." The colt deemed, pulling his arm back as he prepared another rock. To everypony's surprise, and changeling, the small alicorn stood firmly in front of the small Chrysalis, spreading her tiny wings out as well. Although they didn't exactly spread that far, they were still big enough to block the small changling. "What the- are you stupid? Do you want to get hit too?!" The colt yelled.

"If you wanna hurt her, you'll have to hurt me first!" She decreed. The three colts looked at each other, each seeming to have an unammused expression on their face, before they all grinned, pulling their hoof's back with a rock ready to fire. The alicorn gulped nervously at the sight. "Ok, maybe I sould've thought dis through..." She muttered, covering her face for protection.

"Princess Celestiaaaa!" A female pony called out. "Where are you sweetie?" The grey unicorn suddenly turned pale as he dropped his rock.

"Oh haystacks! I thought she looked familiar. That's the queen's daughter!" He said worriedly. The other two quickly panicked as they yelped, dropping their rocks too as the three of them backed up, which made Celestia grin.

"W-Woah woah woah, hey! We didn't mean it, honest!" The brown one blurted out.

"Y-Yeah, we were just goofing around!" The orange one cried out. The grey one looked at the other two worriedly.

"Let's get out of here!" He yelped, all three immediately screaming as they ran faster. Celestia smiled as she watched the trio run in fear, sticking out her tongue soon after.

"Pwpwpwpwpwpw!" She spitted. "You're lucky I'm not the Princess or I'd make you eat mud for the rest of your wives you stupid-meanie-heads!" Celestia yelled, puffing her nostrils firmly before looking back to the small changeling curiously. "Are you okay?" She asked, tilting her head at the never-before-seen pony before. Chrysalis continued to sniffle sadly as she covered her face, still frieghtened due to her experience. "Hey, it's ok, I'm not like those other meanies. My name's Princess Celestia, but my friends call my least if I had any..." She commented, rubbing her chin briefly. "So what's your name?"

"Mmhhmmhh..." Chrysalis whimpered, still tearing up in frieght.

"Celestia!" The queen called out, walking down the alley. Celestia looked back curiously before smiling.

"Hi mommy." She replied.

"Sweetie, what did mommy tell you about running off like that? You know you shouldn't-" The queen suddenly paused as she noticed the other pony she was with. "Oh! H-Hello there little one. Who are you?" The queen asked with a gentle smile, lowering herself down towards the small pony. She blinked a bit surprised as she noticed the scrapes and bruises on her body. "Oh, my! What happened to you?"

"There were some bulies that were throwing rocks at her!" Celestia said angrily.

"Ohhh, sweetie..." The queen cooed softly, using her magic to levitate the small changeling over to her as she gave her a gentle hug.

"Bwwaaahhh...." Chrysalis began crying softly into her shoulder, all the while the queen gently patting her back. Chrysalis began crying softly into her shoulder, all the while the queen gently patting her back.

"Shhh shh, it's ok. They won't pick on you again." She commented, levitating her and Celestia onto her back before gently flying into the sky. "Why don't we go home for a bit to treat her "owies", okay?" The queen suggested, smiling. Celestia nodded as she held the changling close, knowing it helped comfort her...
A Special Spin off series from my series from my mane season 3 series. This is a new series I specially made for a certain somepony's birthday, Abluestitch in time. With my godly Fanfic powers, I managed to convert her into actually feeling sorry for Chrysalis at her younger agess X)! As such, she's been a fan of little Chrys and little Celestia for a while now. And with her birthday apparently being THREE DAYS AGO instead of yesterday X/ (way to make me look like a jerk...) I had this specially finished yesterday for what was supposed to be her birthday present...*sigh*

Either way, dive into the long developing story that reveals a hidden past between Chrysalis and Celestia, and shows what came between the two that forced them to bid Farewell to each other...

Also credit for the awesomely drawn picture goes to Albinoshark. I can't praise this enough: IT SHOULD BE IN THE TOP TEN MOST POPULAR SECTION SO WHY ISN"T IT X(!?!?!? Anyway, sorry bout forgetting to ask before hand <X) I'l take it down if you want but do you mind If I use the pic for my cover pic? Thanks in advance otherwise
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Stitchthebest36 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012
LOVE THIS PART TOO! Poor Chrysalis, I feel so sorry for her. The way she gets teased reminds me of Lilo especially the scene with those 3 bullies. Appledeen is related to Applejack and Applebloom right? She talks like them. Celestia is so cool to help Chrysalis out like that. Can't wait to see more!! Do the little versions of these characters appear in the tv show? This story reminds me of your Chibi Stitch episodes of YunaXStitch I wonder how these 2 little ponies would react to Chibi Stitch. :)
PonymanXX7 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
unfortunately no- these "look-ideas" were based on fanfic pieces i found around the web. And as stated...or on fimfiction at least, the mane cast are playing their own special bits in this acting as different characters. As you can tell, Appledeen was, obviously, played by Applejack herself ^^ keep look out for other chars ^^ Also, please look into this Neuralyzer for a breif second...*puts on black glasses*



There is no Chibi Stitch plot anywhere in the world, you just thought of it randomly in your own head.
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Hey when are you gonna post part 3?
PonymanXX7 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
There is no part 3 XP these were the first two parts of- actually only 2 parts of chp 1. If you want ch 2, that's gonna be awhile
Stitchthebest36 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Oh I see. No problem. :)
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Oh cool. I love when characters do that. And...

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well like i said, majority of this was a fanfic posting, the pic was just the cover XP rev for the actual FF first, THEN i might XP and dont try one of those "it was good" or "Loved it! Nice work^^!" things, because it never works when reviwers fail to mention anyting related to the plot XP thanks for reving in general though ^^
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And yay cameo of AJ's relative right. Awesome idea
Glad someone has compassion for poor Chry ;(
That is soo sad AWWWW poor thing everyone is a jerk.
Noo Bullys ..someone help her!!
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Celsetia defended Chrysalis
Soo cute!! So glad to see Chrysalis get some kindness and Cesestia get her REAL friend
I had no idea this was what my present was it was such a nice surprise!
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